About WBCA

The Warm Beach Community Association is a membership organization for residents and friends of Warm Beach. The association is dedicated to promoting neighborhood fellowship, a safe and secure community, our neighborhood WBCA Park and family activities.

Our signature event, Summerfest, a good old fashioned day of family-oriented fun is nearly as old as the organization. Activities at Summerfest have included Elephant Walk, Baked Goods, a neighborhood yard sale (Junquefest), food service, and auctions.

In addition to Summerfest our yearly events include an Easter Egg Hunt, a couple of  “bistro” dinners, a member appreciation barbecue and Christmas Caroling.

We also engage in activities that help create a safer community, such as Neighborhood Watch. In the future we hope to expand the facilities at the park, perhaps incorporating more play and athletic options and enlarging our park building to allow for more indoor activities such as speaker series or educational presentations. Being well-situated on the Puget Sound, we also encourage members to be good stewards of the beach, as well as the whole neighborhood.

WBCA is governed by a board of trustees consisting of nine members, with a term of three years each.  The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected to a one-year term from the board of trustees at a board meeting following the first annual general membership meeting, which is held in January each year.